Delivery Truck Accident Attorneys

Connecticut roads abound with delivery trucks. These may be big-rig 18-wheelers carrying interstate cargo or small Amazon or pizza delivery trucks, or anywhere in between. Whatever kind of delivery truck you may have encountered in an accident, the causes and issues can be quite different from those in a more typical auto accident.

Who Is Liable?

In any commercial accident, there are potentially more parties liable than just the driver of the truck that hit you. The truck is possibly owned by the company for whom the driver is driving it. The truck may have a defect that can factor in liability considerations as well. Your experienced delivery truck accident attorney at Berman & Russo will know how to determine who is responsible and how to represent you.

What Are Common Causes of Delivery Truck Accidents?

Delivery truck accidents happen, of course, for the same reasons that all accidents happen: DUIs, ignoring traffic signals or signs, speeding, and distracted driving. But, some accident causes occur more often in delivery truck accidents because of the nature of their use.

Sudden Left Turns – Hypothetically, a UPS delivery truck driver who missed a turn in Vernon may decide to make an abrupt left turn rather than choosing a safer way back to the delivery destination. Anyone in the path of that turn can suffer severe injuries.

Improper Loading – Delivery trucks deliver goods, and if those goods are not properly loaded and secured, they can impact the driver’s ability to control the truck. Also, goods improperly secured in a delivery truck can end up on the road in front of you in Hartford, causing you to lose control of your vehicle.

Sudden Stops – The hypothetical FedEx driver who doesn’t miss his targeted Manchester address entirely may realize it’s right there at the last possible second. The resulting sudden stop can cause a chain of rear-end collisions. Depending on the speeds involved, these can be serious accidents as well. This is one case where the driver in front may be liable for the rear-end collision.

Careless Reversing – All trucks have blind spots when they’re backing up. Often when missing a Windsor delivery spot, a driver may back up in traffic to get to that spot. In doing so, the person or vehicle in the blind spot is at risk.

Forgotten Parking Brake – Most people who drive cars today don’t even think about putting their parking or emergency brake on. Insurance companies say you should always use it when you park, but most people don’t. However, if a delivery driver leaves the delivery vehicle running without the parking brake engaged, a tragic accident may result.

These are not typlical motor vehicle accidents. They are in the special realm of delivery truck accidents and require the skills of an attorney experienced in those accidents to prevail against large commercial concerns.

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