Driver kills pedestrian after veering off roadway

Connecticut State Police began an investigation into a fatal vehicle-pedestrian accident that took place in New Hartford on Sept. 16. A car traveling along Main Street hit two people who were on the sidewalk, killing one of the pedestrians and sending the other to the hospital.

The fatal accident occurred at about 9:15 a.m., according to the Department of Transportation. A 31-year-old driver in a 2002 Honda Civic left the roadway and drove onto the sidewalk. The pedestrian who was killed was a 69-year-old man, and the pedestrian who was injured is a 67-year-old woman. The victim who survived the crash was still being treated at Hartford Hospital when the report was published.

There were no immediate reports about what might have caused the Honda driver to veer off of the roadway, and it is unclear if the driver was criminally charged. Drivers that are under the influence of alcohol or drugs sometimes cause car accidents similar to this one. A driver that is distracted by technology, exhausted or suffering from a medical emergency may also cause a crash after accidentally leaving the roadway.

Pedestrian accidents can sometimes cause severe injuries and permanent disabilities for the people that survive. A person who suffered from life-altering injuries in a vehicle-pedestrian accident may decide to pursue monetary compensation from the driver who caused the accident. An attorney may be able to assist an injured car accident victim with the process of filing a personal injury lawsuit that would seek damages for medical expenses, pain and suffering and other losses.

Source: WTNH, “1 person killed in Route 44 New Hartford accident,” Raven Brown, Sept. 16, 2016