Fewer older drivers dying in car accidents

For the elderly, there are many things that make growing old difficult. One of those things is the loss of independence. For many, the biggest blow is losing the privilege of driving. That loss can arise when certain things that happen when one gets older, make it impossible for a driver to safely operate a vehicle. According to a recent study, older drivers are actually getting better at driving. This is good news for all as the baby boomer generation gets older.

The information the survey relied upon is from the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety. Statistics provided by the IIHS indicate that as compared to 1997, in 2013, the number of older drivers who were over the age of 69 who died in traffic accidents is down 30 percent. Looking at fatalities per capita among individuals in this age bracket, the number is at its lowest level ever.

Of course drivers of all ages are involved in crashes. When someone is hurt in a crash that is the result of negligence of another, it is possible those injuries could be serious and life changing. Treatment and changes that need to be made to accommodate those injuries in the future can also be expensive.

While there is nothing that can be done to undo the harm that a car crash can inflict, a financial award might help coping with the changes be easier. Since lawsuits of this nature can be complex, it is in the best interest of most to work with a personal injury lawyer.