FMCSA orders shutdown of truck driver for DUI

A truck driver who has been convicted of DUI in several states including Connecticut has been issued a shutdown order by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association. The man was convicted in Connecticut twice in 2012, on Nov. 2 and again on Dec. 12, receiving a 15-month CDL suspension for the latter conviction.

The shutdown order came after the California-based driver received a citation from the Illinois State Police on March 21 for driving under the influence. His blood alcohol level when police stopped him was more than seven times the commercial vehicle legal limit. He was also cited for having an intoxicating beverage while driving and for not keeping log records for the past seven days. Additionally, he was cited for improper lane usage and illegal transportation of alcohol.

The FMCSA declared that the driver, who has a history of DUI-related violations in Massachusetts as well, has shown he is either incapable or unwilling to stop operating a commercial vehicle while drinking alcohol. The FMCSA added that the behavior of the drunk truck driver posed a risk to others on the road due to diminished reflexes and decision-making skills.

In accidents involving heavy commercial vehicles, an injured victim or the family of a deceased victim might choose to file a lawsuit to recover damages. They might seek the guidance of a personal injury lawyer to help them determine who is responsible. Evidence of liability might come from the results of a police investigation or eyewitness testimony. In some cases, the company that employs the driver might also be found responsible for the economic and non-economic losses incurred by the injured victim or the fatally-injured victim’s survivors.