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Careful drivers know the importance of following all traffic rules and driving cautiously. But other drivers who fail to do so can cause serious crashes and harm others on the road. When dealing with the aftermath of a serious crash, injuries, and related losses, you may be entitled to compensation from the negligent, at-fault party.

A skilled Glastonbury car accident attorney at Berman & Russo can fight for your legal right to secure maximum compensation for all your damages. With more than 30 years of experience protecting people injured in car accidents, we will do everything possible under the law to hold the negligent party liable for their actions.

Negligence Usually Causes Car Accidents in Glastonbury

When drivers act negligently, they are doing something threatening to their control over their cars. This could include driving when it is unsafe, not following the road rules, or taking their eyes off the roadway, among many others. Common examples of driver negligence include:

Also, there are instances in which drivers may fail to exercise due care when they should have, such as when:

These are all negligent driving practices commonly leading to car crashes. However, other factors can also cause or contribute to car crashes, such as when the car or a car component, like the tires, brakes, or steering system, malfunctions. In this case, the manufacturer of the defective car or component could be held accountable for an injured party’s losses.

Some car accidents may also occur due to road hazards and not because of driver negligence or defective parts. Road hazards usually include rough surfaces, animals crossing, bumpy edges, potholes, slick surfaces, uneven expansion joints, road debris, standing water, ice, snow, or fallen objects from other vehicles or construction zones.

In some instances, the fault for the existence of the road hazard can’t be blamed on anyone, like in cases involving wild animals crossing and sudden torrential downpours. But in other instances, an identifiable and particular entity or person can be held liable for a road hazard. For example, if a construction company and government agency designed, constructed, or maintained a roadway, it may be held accountable for a pothole-ridden road if it causes a car crash.

The Glastonbury car accident attorneys at Berman & Russo know the various ways a driver, defective car part, or road hazard can cause a crash. They understand what it takes to investigate an accident scene to determine what happened to cause the crash.

Common Glastonbury Car Accident Injuries

Many people who have suffered injuries in car crashes usually find themselves unable to work and perform even the simplest daily tasks. The actions of negligent parties cause injured people to deal with lost earnings, medical expenses, and emotional distress. Here are common injuries the Glastonbury car accident attorneys at Berman & Russo see after car accidents:

Brain and Head Injuries

Car accidents can cause a person’s head to strike a window, windshield, steering wheel, or other objects inside or outside (if the person was ejected) the car. They may sustain severe bruises and cuts to the face and traumatic brain injury, depending on the specific circumstances of the collision. Injured people may also suffer from psychological injuries, such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, and depression, because of trauma from the accident and the effects of their injuries.

Limb Injuries

The legroom in a standard passenger car is limited, so a sudden collision could throw a person’s leg against a door, the front seat, or the dashboard. More serious crashes can lead to shattered joints and fractured legs. A person’s shoulder, arm, hand, or fingers may be affected by a crash in a similar way. In rare cases, the impact of a crash can result in traumatic or surgical limp amputation.

Chest Injuries

Crashes can result in internal organ damage if the person’s chest hits the dashboard, steering wheel, or another object forcefully. The impact of the collision can lead to broken ribs as well. Passengers or drivers may also slam against their seatbelts and suffer severe chest contusions.

Back Injuries

Various back injuries can result from car accidents, which can be caused or exacerbated by whiplash because it damages the soft tissues and leads to more serious spinal injuries if not addressed promptly and properly. These injuries include complex sprains, fractures, herniated discs, and paralysis.

Do Not Wait to Discuss Your Case With a Glastonbury Car Accident Attorney

If you or a loved one was recently hurt in a car crash, you might think two years (Connecticut’s statute of limitations for filing personal injury lawsuits) is long. But you mustn’t delay talking to an attorney to ensure you receive full compensation from the at-fault party. Remember, car accident claims need thorough investigations and negotiations to succeed.

Your attorney must build a solid claim, factoring in all the relevant details to help support your claim and prove liability for your damages. The Glastonbury car accident attorney at Berman & Russo will gather and review these pieces of evidence to build your case:

Your attorney will manage all communications about your case with the at-fault party’s insurers and lawyers to secure a fair settlement. If you cannot reach a fair settlement, rest assured your attorney will pursue your case in court.

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