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Car accidents can happen for many reasons, and sadly, they often leave people seriously injured. After suffering serious injuries in a crash, you may be under financial pressure from treating your injuries and being unable to work. To financially, physically, and emotionally from a crash, you will need a substantial settlement to cover all your damages.

This is where our more than 30 years of experience will be useful. Let the Hartford car accident lawyer at Berman & Russo strengthen your car accident claim and seek on your behalf every cent you deserve.

What Damages Can I Recover in a Hartford Car Accident Claim?

You are legally entitled to seek compensation when someone else’s negligence resulted in your injuries. Your claim’s total value and settlement must consider all the ways the crash affected your life, which may include the following damages:

Courts may also allow injured people to recover punitive damages in cases where the at-fault party demonstrated a reckless indifference to the injured person’s rights or an intentional violation of their rights.

What Are Common Car Accident Injuries?

Our Hartford car accident lawyers commonly deal with car accident claims involving the following injuries:

Whatever injuries you’re dealing with, follow your doctor’s orders, attend follow-up appointments, continue treatment, and document your injury-related medical treatments and expenses. Doing these things will help prove the nature and seriousness of your injuries and ensure you are compensated for them fairly.

How Our Hartford Car Accident Lawyer Will Handle Your Case

From beginning to end, you can count on the Harford car accident lawyer at Berman & Russo to handle your car accident claim. Your attorney will thoroughly investigate the crash to establish fault and liability for your injuries and related damages. They will also review, calculate, and evaluate all your damages and demand proper compensation.

In addition, they will deal with the liable party’s insurance provider on your behalf to ensure your best interests. Our Hartford car accident lawyer knows all the dirty tactics insurers use to deny claims or reduce settlements for injured claimants. They will negotiate a settlement to cover your losses or secure a favorable damage award in court.

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