How technology is helping to prevent car accidents

Connecticut residents are likely aware that collision avoidance systems are becoming more common in everyday life. A new report suggests that they are preventing injuries and saving a significant number of lives.

These systems were found to drastically reduce the number of accidents taking place on the road. The study highlighted the injuries and accidents that would be prevented if all cars had this technology. It also found that many drivers may be turning the features off, possibly because some of the systems beep instead of vibrate, and it is believed this may be more annoying to the driver.

In spite of the increased safety that comes with these features, the consumer has been slow to hop on board. Less than 10 percent of new vehicles for sale in 2017 included blind spot alerts as standard equipment. The rate is even less for lane departure warning systems. These options are typically available in a higher trim level or safety package, which is more expensive and cost-prohibitive to the consumer.

While the benefits of collision avoidance systems are undeniable, it will be a while before they are in use in the majority of vehicles on the road. If someone is involved in a car accident, they should consider their legal options. A victim in these cases can suffer events such as lost wages and serious injuries and may face a great deal of medical expenses. An attorney will be able to examine the available evidence, including accident reports, witness reports and available camera footage, that could be pertinent to their legal case. The attorney would then be able to ascertain the strength of his or her case and construct a legal remedy in the form of a civil claim in an attempt to receive compensation from those responsible or, in some cases, their insurance company.