Middletown Car Accident Lawyers

While car accidents may seem like regular occurrences, serious car crashes can devastate the lives of the victims and their families. If you’ve suffered injuries and associated losses in a Connecticut car crash, you can pursue an insurance claim to get compensation for your damages. To obtain the maximum compensation, our top Middletown car accident attorneys are prepared to help.

Berman & Russo has helped plenty of injured victims recover fair compensation after serious car accidents. Although no amount of compensation can undo the pain and trauma of a serious car crash, securing proper compensation can help ease your financial woes.

Damages You Can Recover In A Middletown Car Accident

To make sure you get every single penny owed to you following a car accident, you’ll need a dedicated and skilled Middletown car accident attorney who can meticulously review your claim and gather the right evidence to strengthen it. Depending on the specific circumstances of your car accident, you can seek the following damages:

Ultimately, the damages you can seek will depend on the kind of injuries you sustained and available insurance policies. Traumatic brain injuries, for instance, can result in a range of psychological, behavioral, and physical injuries. But even injuries that don’t affect the brain can result in mental and emotional issues.

Leave The Insurance Companies To Us

You may be inclined to believe insurance providers will be sympathetic to injured victims, the reality is that they are not. Insurance claims adjusters are trained to be extra friendly to claimants so they can earn their trust only to find out they are looking for reasons to minimize your compensation.

Our Middletown car accident lawyers have gone up against various insurance providers in the decades we have been fighting the rights of Connecticut car crash victims. We know all about how insurance providers think and work, so we know how to handle them. When you choose to work with our attorneys, we will take care of all your legal woes, including:

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