Negligent behaviors during the holidays can be tragic

In our last post we discussed holiday traveling across the nation. There will no doubt be a lot of people out on the roads as they rush to finish up their holiday shopping and prepare for holiday parties. Some may even be traveling long distances in order to see their family members.

The increase in travel over the holidays combined with some not-so-healthy holiday behaviors may definitely be a concern to many. More vehicles on the road can already mean a higher possibility for an accident, but what if those drivers are super exhausted or even drunk?

Recently, a doctor discussed these behaviors and how to avoid them. One of those behaviors is drinking. No one is saying you shouldn’t drink during the holidays, but it’s important to make sure to do it in moderation. Try to limit your drinks to a total of two, and drink a lot of water at the same time. Finally, it’s important to find a sober driver or to stay at the party until you are sure that you are completely sober. That may mean spending the night. While getting very drunk may lead to a few regrets and a bad hangover, getting drunk and driving can lead to tragic outcomes.

Stress and fatigue are also two big issues during the holiday season. While it’s considered a time to have fun, many people are actually very stressed out during the holidays. In fact, some seven out of 10 people say they feel overwhelmed during the holidays. A lack of sleep and an overabundance of stress combined with holiday driving can equal disaster.

Most people go into the holiday season with great intentions, but all the fun and excitement can quickly lead to negligent behavior that can cost someone their life.