Pedestrians Are Always At Risk

Whether crossing at a crosswalk, jogging along the street or walking past a parking lot entrance, pedestrians are always at risk for serious injury. Pedestrians lack even minimal protection and, if struck by a vehicle, will likely suffer catastrophic – often fatal – consequences.

Recently, a woman was struck and killed by a car in the early morning hours. Wallingford police reported that Mary Stabile, 66, was struck and killed on Quinnipiac Street just after 6:30 a.m. According to witnesses, the victim was not crossing the road at a cross-walk. The driver remained on the scene and cooperated with police throughout their investigation.

What challenges do pedestrians face?

While nothing of the sort has been mentioned in the Wallingford case, pedestrians are consistently at risk from distracted drivers. Drivers who let their minds wander or take their eyes off the road to check their phones can cause devastating pedestrian collisions with the full range of catastrophic injuries from muscle sprains to brain damage to fatality – and everything in between. Pedestrians are cautioned to wear brightly colored or reflective clothing to make themselves more visible to drivers. While there are differing schools of thought regarding the safeness of moving with or against traffic, you should be vigilant about watching traffic that is approaching from the front or rear.

Are there rules in Connecticut about cross-walks?

In 2007, the Connecticut legislature changed the law requiring that drivers grant the right-of-way when a pedestrian has stepped off the curb or into a crosswalk. Other states treat cross-walks with varying degrees of description. Maine, for example, requires drivers to grant the right-of-way even if a pedestrian shows intent to enter a cross-walk. Still other regions go so far as to define “implied cross-walks.”

It is crucial that pedestrians remain aware of their surroundings and understand the danger they face even if they are not crossing the street. Parking lots, parking garages, bike paths and intersections can all spell disaster. If you were injured or lost a loved one in a pedestrian accident, it is wise to discuss your matter with a skilled personal injury attorney to learn more about your rights.