Police officer injured in Connecticut SUV crash

A Bloomfield police officer was injured in a two-car accident on the morning of Aug. 10. The accident occurred on Tunxis Avenue, which is also called Route 189.

According to authorities, a police SUV collided with a Toyota Highlander SUV, causing the police SUV to veer off the road, smash into a utility pole and flip onto its side. The Toyota also left the road and sustained damage to its driver-side doors. The police officer was transported to St. Francis Hospital and Medical Center near Hartford. He was treated for minor injuries caused by the air bag and shattered glass. The driver of the Toyota, a 40-year-old Bloomfield woman, and her two children did not appear to be injured in the accident. However, they were transported to Hartford Hospital and Connecticut Children’s Medical Center as a precautionary measure.

According to a police department representative, the injured police officer was hired in February 2015. The police SUV, purchased by the department in 2016, was totaled in the crash.

People who have been injured in an SUV crash often face months of expensive medical care and treatment. In many cases, they are unable to work while they are recovering, further worsening their financial situations. An attorney who is representing such an injured victim will endeavor to show that the collision was the fault of another driver. Evidence that can be used in this regard could include the police investigation report, eyewitness testimony and in some cases a review of the cellphone records of the motorist.

Source: Courant, “Bloomfield Officer’s Name Released After Patrol Car Crash“, Christine Dempsey, Aug. 11, 2017