Connecticut Possession Of Child Pornography Defense Attorneys

It does not matter how you obtained child pornography. If you have it in your possession or on your computer, you face serious criminal penalties. Whether you inadvertently downloaded an image over the internet or purchased a picture in a store, possession of child pornography carries stiff mandatory minimum sentences and registration as a sex offender.

If you have been arrested for possession of child pornography or suspect that you are under investigation, contact an attorney at Berman & Russo immediately. Our skilled Connecticut child pornography defense lawyers will work quickly to investigate your case, prove your innocence or negotiate a plea bargain. If a trial becomes necessary, we are aggressive trial attorneys who will vigorously defend you in court.​

Effective Plea Bargaining In Possession Of Child Porn Cases

An arrest for possession of child pornography puts your reputation on the line. The sooner you hire our firm, the sooner we can get your case under control and begin plea bargaining. Through skilled negotiation, we will fight to have your sex offense charges dismissed or the charges reduced in your case.

Proving Your Innocence

Our attorneys can help you build a defense and work to prove your innocence. You may have unwittingly downloaded an image or watched a film, unaware of what the file contained. If your computer or Wi-Fi network is open to multiple users, you could be taking the blame for another person's illicit internet surfing.

We will listen to your side of the story and thoroughly investigate your case. By closely examining the police investigation, evidence and circumstances that led to your arrest, we will work to develop a comprehensive defense strategy to fight these charges.

Treatment And Counseling For Sex Offenders

At our firm, we have helped countless sex offenders get the treatment they need to overcome their problems with child pornography. If you have a problem and need help, we will make sure you get the guidance and counseling you need so you can move forward with your life and avoid becoming a repeat offender.

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