Hartford County Probation Violation Attorneys

You might have been thankful to receive a probation sentence because it avoided jail time. However, probation can be challenging, as it involves many strict conditions that you must comply with. If your probation officer believes that you violated a condition, you can face many consequences, including serving a jail sentence.

If you are facing probation violation accusations in Hartford County, you need an experienced criminal defense lawyer on your side as soon as possible. Always take this matter seriously and reach out to Berman & Russo for assistance immediately.

Common Probation Violations

The conditions of your probation will vary depending on the circumstances of the underlying criminal case. Some conditions that commonly lead to violations include:

If your probation officer alleges that you violated one or more terms, you might have an arrest warrant issued. Once the police arrest you, you are entitled to a hearing within 120 days, and a judge will determine whether you violated your probation. You want to have defense representation at this hearing.

Probation Violation Hearings in Hartford County

Probation violation hearings are different from regular criminal trials. There is no jury, and the burden of proof is much lower. Instead of having to prove your violation beyond a reasonable doubt, the prosecutor only has to prove it by a preponderance of the evidence. This means the judge must find it is more likely than not that you violated your probation. This is much easier for a prosecutor to accomplish than obtaining an initial conviction.

If the judge finds that you violated probation, they can impose many different penalties. These might include:

If you are found in violation of your probation, there is a good chance you can end up behind bars. To avoid this whenever possible, you want an experienced probation violation defense attorney handling your case.

If you are facing a probation case because you were arrested and charged with a new offense, that charge will be heard by the court separately from your violation hearing. Our criminal defense attorneys can defend against any new charges as well as your probation violation.

Seek Help from a Hartford County Probation Violation Lawyer Today

At Berman & Russo, we know the stakes are high at probation violation hearings, as you might have to serve a jail or prison sentence if you are found in violations. We can identify all possible defense strategies and work to keep you on your probation path and out of jail. Please do not wait to contact us for more information today.