Connecticut Restraining Order Violations Lawyers

A restraining order in Connecticut is usually filed as a result of a domestic dispute that gets out of hand. The civil court often grants protective orders with little or no evidence. The court does not even need an arrest or a pending charge against you in order for the court to issue a restraining order.

If you are arrested following a breach of peace in a domestic abuse situation, the charge against you is typically a misdemeanor. However, following this arrest, a protective order may be placed against you. A protective order is entered in criminal court by a judge when there has been an arrest made in a domestic violence case.

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Respond To A Restraining Order Before It Is Too Late

It's important to respond to a restraining order as soon as possible. The court needs to hear your side of the story on why the order may have been filed improperly. If you violate the order, unintentionally or not, you will be arrested and charged with a felony in Connecticut. The consequences for a conviction of a restraining order violation are severe enough that you could be sentenced to prison for up to 5 years.

What We Can Do For You

The attorneys at Berman & Russo work with the individual who filed the restraining order to try to attempt to resolve the matter outside of the court system. We also work with our clients to get them into marital counseling or anger management classes to show the court that you are not a violent individual. Connecticut offers a family violence education program as an alternative to prison time. If you violate a restraining order, it can be difficult to convince the court that you belong in the program and not in prison.

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