Snapchat speed filter could encourage reckless driving

Authorities are concerned that the Snapchat speed filter is encouraging dangerous driving in Connecticut and across the United States. The filter for the popular smartphone app has been linked to more than one serious car crash, according to media reports.

In November, a 22-year-old male driver posted a 10-second Snapchat video that showed him accelerating to speeds of 82.6 mph and 115.6 mph on a Tampa, Florida, highway. Nine minutes later, he lost control of his vehicle, crossed the median and struck a minivan head-on. The fiery collision took the life of the driver who posted the video, his 19-year-old female passenger and three people in the minivan. Three other minivan passengers were injured.

Last year, an 18-year-old female driver allegedly used Snapchat’s speed filter while she accelerated to 113 mph on a Georgia highway. She eventually crashed into the back of a Mercedes and posted that she was “lucky to be alive” on Snapchat. However, Snapchat logs indicate she was not using the app at the time of the collision. The Mercedes driver suffered a traumatic brain injury. In a statement issued to the media, Snapchat said that it discourages users from activating the filter while they are behind the wheel.

Some car crash victims choose to file a personal injury lawsuit against the driver who caused the accident. This type of lawsuit is designed to recoup damages related to the collision, including medical expenses, lost wages, property loss and pain and suffering. Connecticut car accident victims could learn more about their legal rights by consulting with an attorney.

Source: CBS News, “Is the Snapchat speed filter encouraging reckless driving?,” Nov. 1, 2016