Some causes of Connecticut truck accidents

Each year, there are 475,000 large trucks that are involved in accidents across the country according to data from the Department of Labor. These accidents cause more than 5,000 deaths and more than 140,000 injures annually. The majority of these crashes occur between the hours of 6 a.m and 3 p.m,, which goes against the perception that most accidents involving large trucks take place at night. This is most likely related to driver error or drivers engaging in reckless behavior.

Another misconception is that people are most likely to die in an accident involving a large truck on an interstate or highway. However, data shows that 53 percent of deaths related to large truck accidents occurred on major roads while only 30 percent occurred on an interstate or highways. This is because speed limits are higher on major roads, and speed is deemed to be a factor in 20 percent of fatal crashes.

A truck driver is most likely to get into an accident on a Thursday or Friday because drivers are more likely to be fatigued at the end of the week. Fatigue may also cause a driver to overlook a detail while inspecting his or her vehicle, and that may contribute to an accident.

An accident caused by a negligent truck driver may result in severe injuries to occupants of other vehicles. An injured victim may be entitled to compensation for medical bills or other costs related to the accident. This may include a financial award to make up for lost wages during the period when the victim is recovering and unable to return to work.