State senator won’t be charged in wrong-way collision

Connecticut state senator Andrew Maynard was injured in a two-car accident on Jan. 14. Investigators say that the 53-year-old senator was traveling in the wrong direction on Route 32 in Waterford when the accident occurred. After colliding with an SUV, the senator’s vehicle traveled down an embankment. Emergency medical personnel found the senator unconscious and determined that he had suffered a concussion.

Though Sen. Maynard was driving the wrong way at the time of the SUV accident, he will not be facing any criminal charges. In a public statement on Feb. 23, the chief of police in Waterford said that investigators had determined that Maynard had caused the accident after suffering from a seizure. Hospital records also confirmed that Maynard was not under the influence of alcohol at the time of the crash.

In July 2014, Sen. Maynard sustained a brain injury after falling from an outdoor staircase at his house. It is unclear if he had a history of seizures prior to the car accident. The senator announced in February that he would not be seeking re-election at the end of his term.

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Source: CBS Connecticut, “State Senator Involved In Car Crash Won’t Face Charges,” Feb. 23, 2016