The importance of avoiding distractions while driving

Many people are injured in Connecticut accidents that are caused by distracted driving. This type of negligent driving behavior endangers drivers, passengers and occupants of other vehicles. People should avoid driving while they are distracted to help reduce the risk of accidents.

Trying to multitask while driving is dangerous because it takes away the drivers’ attention manually, visually or cognitively. Manual distractions are those that require the drivers to take their hands off the wheel to adjust or type something. Visual distractions involve activities that remove the drivers’ attention from the road. Cognitive distractions are activities that cause the drivers’ focus to be removed from the act of driving. Some distracted driving activities may involve all three types of distraction such as texting while driving, which is especially dangerous.

Using a cell phone while driving is not the only type of behavior that motorists should avoid. They should also not adjust their GPS while they are driving, and they should avoid eating while behind the wheel. If there are children or pets in the vehicle, they should be secured so that they are not moving about the car. If children need attention, the drivers should pull off the road to handle it rather than trying to take care of them while the car is in operation.

When distracted drivers cause accidents, any people who are injured may want to talk to experienced personal injury lawyers. Attorneys may get the help of investigators to prove that the drivers were engaging in distracting activities just before and during their accidents. By conducting thorough investigations, the attorneys may help their clients to prove that the drivers were at fault in the accidents. This may help the attorneys to negotiate reasonable settlements for their clients with the insurance companies without filing formal lawsuits.