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What Are The Consequences for Theft in CT?

In Connecticut, stealing money, property, or services could result in months or years of imprisonment and hefty fines. According to state law, theft, commonly called larceny in CT, occurs when an individual unlawfully takes, withholds, or obtains the property of another individual, intending to deprive the owner of the stolen item permanently or pass the stolen item to another individual. Larceny likewise covers:

Penalties for Theft in Connecticut

Larceny offenses in CT are categorized and penalized based on various factors, which include the specific type or nature of the stolen items, the value of the stolen items, and sometimes, the victim of the theft. These penalties are:

The state’s sentencing laws also provide enhanced penalties that are applicable to persistent offenders of larceny. For example, rather than receiving a misdemeanor penalty, the offender could receive class D felony penalties, which include a fine not exceeding $5,000 and up to five years in jail. Repeat felony offenders could likewise face enhanced penalties.

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Besides getting a criminal record for theft or larceny, serving time in jail, and paying hefty fines, you might also find yourself having difficulty getting a job, a loan, or housing in the future if you get convicted of larceny. If you are facing a charge for any type of larceny, your best recourse is to seek legal advice from a skilled South Windsor theft attorney as soon as possible.

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