Truck collision avoidance technology unveiled

Connecticut drivers may be interested to learn that two truck component suppliers unveiled rear-end collision avoidance technology that may prevent more trucks from becoming involved in rear-end collisions. The technology, called the Evasive Maneuver Assist system, would allow the truck to autonomously steer around a vehicle that is stopped in the road if it cannot brake in time to avoid becoming involved in a collision.

The system, which was unveiled in late June, combines an active breaking system that is already on the market with a electrohydraulic steering system. This system uses radar and other sensory technology to detect stopped vehicles. It will first give warning signs to the driver alerting them to an impending rear-end crash. If the driver does not respond or if there is no time for a response, the system will take control of the truck and maneuver it around the stopped vehicle. If the adjacent lanes are occupied, the system will cause the truck to brake as hard as possible.

According to the CEO of one of the companies, it is expected that the system should be ready for real-world application in about three or four years. The EMA system is being seen as the next step to making autonomous vehicles a reality.

This is good news, as tractor-trailer crashes can cause catastrophic injuries to occupants of other vehicles. Many such accidents are due to truck driver fatigue, and when an investigation of the applicable trucking logs reveals that this may be the case, an attorney can be of assistance to an injured victim in seeking compensation from the driver as well as the trucking company itself.