Unsafe brakes on commercial vehicles compromises highway safety

While driver error is often thought to be the main cause of motor vehicle accidents, it is also true that unsafe vehicles can be a significant contributing factor. For that reason, states require regular vehicle inspections to ensure compliance with necessary safety standards. However, despite these precautions, there are still a significant number of vehicles that travel on Connecticut roadways that do not meet these safety standards.

For example, a nationwide inspection of commercial vehicles conducted in September 2016 revealed that nearly 4,000 commercial vehicles on the road did not meet minimum safety standards. It is hoped that these inspections will reduce the likelihood of tractor-trailer crashes and other serious accidents. The inspections coincided with Brake Safety Week, during which the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance inspected more than 18,000 commercial vehicles. The inspections resulted in approximately 4,000 commercial vehicles being removed from the roadways for noncompliance with certain safety standards.

Noncompliance with brake safety standards was the most frequent violation, occurring more than 15 percent of tractor-trailers. Approximately 9 percent of all commercial vehicles had malfunctions within their anti-lock braking systems. The inspections are intended to be a reminder of the responsibility truck owners have to maintain the safety of their vehicles.

Brake safety in commercial vehicles is an issue that affects everyone that travels on roads and highways. It is not difficult to imagine a scenario where a serious accident is caused by brake failure in a commercial vehicle. The accident victims could suffer devastating physical and economic consequences. A personal injury attorney with experience in motor vehicle accidents may be able to recover compensation for these physical and financial losses, including pain and suffering, medical expenses and lost wages.