Unsafe driving behaviors were the focus of safety week

Unsafe driving behaviors like speeding lead to many of the fatal car accidents that occur in Connecticut each year. The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance tries to prevent these types of fatalities by conducting an annual week-long safety campaign every year. The 2016 event resulted in the issuance of 19,657 citations and warnings in the U.S. between Oct. 16 and Oct. 22.

On Dec. 7, the CVSA sent out a press release containing the results of its nationwide safety campaign. The data that was used to come up with the results was collected from almost 3,000 law enforcement officers across the United States and Canada. Police pulled over both commercial vehicles and passenger vehicles, and the focus of the traffic stops was on unsafe driving behaviors.

Moving violations accounted for nearly 57 percent of the warnings and citations that CMV drivers received during the week of the safety campaign. Almost 20 percent of the warnings and citations issued to CMV drivers were for speeding. Speeding was the most common problem among passenger vehicle drivers, accounting for 39 percent of all citations and warnings. After speeding, moving violations was the second most common reason for the citations and warnings issued to passenger vehicle drivers.

Semi truck accidents can cause catastrophic injuries to occupants of other vehicles due in large part to the sheer size and weight of a big rig. When the collision is caused by a truck driver who has been speeding or otherwise negligent, the injured victims could seek compensation for their losses through a lawsuit filed with the assistance of an attorney that names the driver and the trucking company as defendants.