Connecticut School Violence Lawyers

Not only can acts of violence or bullying result in discipline at school, but they can also lead to criminal charges. If your child has been accused of physical violence or the threat of physical violence on school property, it is important for you to seek skilled legal counsel in order to protect his or her rights and future opportunities.

At Berman & Russo, our attorneys defend children from accusations of bullying or school violence. Our South Windsor juvenile crime attorneys are dedicated to protecting the rights of minors in Connecticut, and we will work to get your child the help, education and support he or she needs.​

Diversionary Programs For First-Time Offenders

In Connecticut, the Pretrial School Violence Prevention Program is a diversionary program for students who are charged with school violence, including physical violence or threats of violence. If your child has never previously used this program and has never been convicted of school violence before, he or she may be able to enter this program.

The diversionary program consists of at least eight counseling and anger management sessions. If your child successfully completes the program, his or her charges will be dismissed and the record of the charges will be sealed.

Representing Juveniles In Court And At School

In addition to criminal penalties, a DUI arrest leaves you at risk of losing your driver's license. If you have been arrested on suspicion of drunk driving, and have either failed to take a chemical alcohol analysis or refused one, your driver's license will be suspended at 12:01 am on the 31st day following the date of the arrest. The Notice of Suspension will be mailed to your recorded address, allowing you seven days to request a hearing at the Department of Motor Vehicles to challenge the suspension of your license. This hearing is sometimes called the "Per Se" hearing. Our firm can assist you in securing this DMV hearing and represent you at this hearing.

At our firm, we represent children and juveniles who have been charged with all types of crimes on school property, including:

  • Physical violence and assault
  • Theft
  • Verbal assault or harassment
  • Threats of violence
  • Weapons charges
  • Drug crimes, including possession
Our Connecticut school violence attorneys will aggressively defend your child from suspension and expulsion at school and also in the juvenile court. Contact our attorneys to learn more about your legal options.

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