Willimantic Car Accident Attorneys

When a person or someone they love has been seriously hurt in a car accident, they will have pressing questions about how they will pay for their medical expenses or how their family will cope with the financial strain because they can’t work. They shouldn’t have to concern themselves about these things if another individual or entity’s negligent actions caused their injuries. They deserve sufficient financial compensation for their car accident-associated losses.

The seasoned Willimantic car accident attorneys of Berman & Russo have over 30 years of legal experience guiding injured individuals and their families to move on with their lives after devastating car wrecks.

Common Causes of Willimantic Car Accidents

The primary factor behind car crashes is driver negligence. Many drivers simply fail to satisfy their legal duty of care to all road users. Driver negligence can take various forms, which include, but aren’t limited to, the following:

Common Injuries in Willimantic Car Accidents

The extent and type of injury a person can suffer in a crash will depend on different factors, such as:

Like the causes of car crashes, injuries resulting from crashes also vary widely. But some are more common:

How Our Willimantic Car Accident Attorneys Can Help With Your Case

Following a devastating car crash, you will quickly realize insurance companies, whether your own or the at-fault party’s, are not on your side. While these companies are lawfully obligated to compensate qualified injured claimants, they will do every trick imaginable to avoid paying claimants the real value of their claims.

They have highly trained insurance claims representatives who will pressure you into saying something which can hurt your claim or twist your words so they can reduce or deny your settlement. Insurers also have aggressive and skilled attorneys on their side. Having an attorney on your side will ensure you don’t get bullied into accepting a low settlement offer insufficient to cover your damages.

The Willimantic car accident attorneys of Berman & Russo can help you in various ways, including:

In the event the insurer refuses to pay the real value of your claim and your case ends up in court, our Willimantic car accident attorneys will be here to protect and represent your legal rights.

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