Understanding Your Options After An Injury On The Job

If you have been hurt at work, you've got a lot on your mind. You need to know how to cover the loss of income you'll experience while you're away from your job. There might be questions about whether your health insurance coverage will pay for your treatment, your medications and any necessary surgery. You might not be sure that the initial diagnosis of your injury and your prognosis for recovery is altogether accurate.

This is enough to worry about without questions about your legal rights in the aftermath of a workplace accident. How much good will workers' compensation benefits do you? Can you sue the company for damages? How about claims against a negligent driver or a property owner other than your employer?

Contact an experienced workplace injury attorney at the South Windsor law firm of Berman & Russo for a comprehensive review of your rights in a workplace accident case. Because we're equally familiar with negligence law and the workers' compensation process, we can help you with a Connecticut workers' compensation claim while investigating the possibility of a lawsuit against someone other than your employer.

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There are very important differences between a workers' compensation claim and a personal injury lawsuit. In a workers' comp case, you don't need to prove the negligence or fault of anyone. You just need to prove that you were hurt in a job-related incident. In a workplace injury case, your right to recover damages depends on your ability to prove that the negligence or intentional conduct of someone else caused your injuries.

In exchange for the lighter burden of proof that favors a workers' compensation claimant, the potential financial recovery is often limited by law to medical treatment, partial wage replacement payments during a period of incapacity and compensation for permanent injury.

In a workers' compensation action you are eligible to recover the full range of your damages based on evidence of lost income, past and future treatment needs, and an amount sufficient to compensate you for the pain and suffering associated with the accident and your recovery. Personal injury damages are usually worth many times the total value of workers' compensation benefits in a given case. Your case might entitle you to such damages.

Our attorneys can protect your right to workers' comp benefits while pursuing your injury claims against negligent drivers, property owners or manufacturers unrelated to your employer. We can even protect you from retaliation by your employer if your employer terminates you for filing a workers' comp claim.

We represent policemen, firemen, factory workers, construction workers, hospital workers and home health care aids, professional drivers, and anyone else who needs help with a workplace injury or occupational illness. For additional information, contact a lawyer at Berman & Russo in South Windsor.

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