Do I Need to Seek Medical Attention After a Truck Accident in Enfield?

Yes. People who have been injured in any kind of accident should always seek prompt medical attention. This is especially true if someone else was responsible for the accident. Some injured people experience obvious symptoms requiring medical attention immediately after the truck accident. But others without symptoms may be tempted to just go home and call it a day.

Injuries that remain unchecked and untreated could be very serious or have potentially fatal consequences.

Why You Must Get Medical Care After a Truck Accident

Just to be on the safe side, people injured in a truck crash and even those who appear uninjured must receive medical care as soon as possible. The longer they wait, the worse it could be for their health and personal injury claim.


People who were involved in a truck crash must prioritize their health above all else. No matter how simple or minor the injuries appear, if they’re hurt, they must get themselves checked out by a doctor. It’s pretty common for injured people to feel the symptoms of an injury days or weeks following the accident.

Unfortunately, delayed symptoms typically lead to a delayed diagnosis and treatment, which is something that insurance providers won’t hesitate to use against injured claimants seeking compensation.

For instance, minor headaches, back pain, or neck pain could be temporary symptoms or indicate a more serious injury like traumatic brain injury or spinal cord damage. A doctor can provide a thorough assessment of an injured person’s condition, record their symptoms and treatments, and inform them of their condition’s prognosis.

Personal Injury Claim

Medical records containing all the injured person’s diagnosis, treatments, and bills are evidence of their injuries and can be used to support their personal injury claim. The sooner they receive medical care, the sooner they’ll have the proper evidence to effectively negotiate a fair settlement.

Remember that a personal injury claim will only be successful if the injured person can show that their injuries and related losses resulted from the accident. Likewise, the longer they wait to seek treatment, the higher the chances of the insurance provider arguing that the injuries didn’t result from the accident or that their injuries were not that serious. 

Speak to an Experienced Enfield Truck Accident Lawyer Today

Insurance companies have an army of lawyers and claims adjusters to fight injury claims. That’s why it’s important for people injured in truck accidents to secure legal representation when pursuing compensation from the liable party. Injured claimants should never accept an early and obviously low settlement from the liable party’s insurer until they discuss their truck accident case. Once they accept a settlement, no matter how unfair it is, they may be barred from pursuing more compensation later.

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