What Should You Do If The Person Who Hits You Does Not Have a Valid Driver's License?

Despite being unlawful and the harsh penalties for driving without a valid driver’s license, many people still decide to drive unlicensed. In most instances, these people have a driver’s license, but failed to renew it, rendering it invalid, or, worse, it was suspended or revoked.

When an unlicensed driver hits a vehicle or person, the unlicensed driver might not have proper auto insurance coverage. Even if the premiums have been paid, certain insurance policies withhold coverage if the insured doesn’t have a valid license.

This is why the most important thing an injured party should do after getting into an accident with an unlicensed driver is to consult with a South Windsor roadside lawyer to explore options for recovering compensation for medical bills, lost earnings, property damage, emotional distress, and other losses.

Accidents involving at-fault drivers without a valid license can be complicated, especially when it comes to pursuing compensation. People who work with experienced lawyers typically recover more compensation than those who don’t.

Roadside Accidents Involving Unlicensed Drivers

A broad range of scenarios involve roadside crashes with unlicensed drivers. Here are some factors to consider in this situation:

Another common scenario involves an unlicensed driver behind the wheel of another person’s vehicle with permission. Usually, insurance coverage follows the vehicle, not the driver. So, even if the driver is uninsured or underinsured, an injured party may be eligible to file an insurance claim against the vehicle owner’s insurance policy.

In a situation where the owner didn’t give an unlicensed driver permission to drive their vehicle, or the driver stole the vehicle, the insurance coverage attached to the vehicle will deny claims related to an accident. But the at-fault driver has coverage on another car, which an injured party can turn to for recovering compensation.

In general, if the vehicle owner or the driver has proper auto insurance and it covers the accident, the claims process would be the same as it would following a typical car accident. But if the owner or driver doesn’t have insurance coverage, an injured party may be able to recover compensation from their own uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage.

Talk to a Skilled South Windsor Roadside Lawyer

Injured parties must take prompt and decisive actions to protect themselves after a roadside crash, whether or not the at-fault driver is unlicensed. For immediate legal assistance, call Berman & Russo at 860-644-1548 or reach them online to set up a free consultation with a South Windsor roadside lawyer.