What You Should Know About Tire Blowout Accidents in Connecticut

Tires are among the most vital components of any vehicle in terms of safety, driver control, and road worthiness. They are a vehicle’s connection to the pavement. If a tire is faulty, due to worn treads or imbalanced air pressure, for instance, it could explode, leak, or pop, making it difficult or impossible for a driver to operate the vehicle safely.

One of the worst consequences of faulty tires is a tire blowout, in which the defective tire explodes and separates from the vehicle. Tire blowouts can lead to devastating crashes and life-changing injuries.

Who is Liable in a Tire Blowout Accident?

Tire blowouts can happen for various reasons. Generally, anything that compromises the efficiency and safety of a tire, from the tire design to vehicle maintenance, could result in a tire blowout. A thorough investigation into the crash may be needed to establish the conditions leading to the blowout and who can be held liable for the injured party’s losses.

Depending on the results of the investigation, the following parties may be held responsible for causing a tire blowout accident:

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