Who is Liable for a Pile Up Accident on a Freeway?

Figuring out liability for a pile-up accident, also called a chain-reaction or multi-vehicle crash, on a freeway entails determining which driver started the accident. But there is always the possibility of multiple drivers contributing to or causing the pile-up accident. People injured in pile-up crashes should understand what exactly caused the crash and how Connecticut law could impact their eligibility to recover financial compensation.

Why is Determining Liability for a Freeway Pile Up Accident Difficult?

The more drivers involved in a freeway pile-up crash, the more contentious and difficult it is to figure out which driver started it and whether there are other drivers at-fault and to what degree. This also means multiple drivers or only one driver may be liable for the resulting injuries and damages.

In a four-vehicle pile-up accident, for instance, the leading driver might be liable for the second driver’s injuries but not the third and fourth driver’s injuries. The second driver might also be partly responsible for the injuries of the third driver but not the injuries of the other drivers. This is why determining liability for pile-up crashes can be very complicated.

What to Do After a Freeway Pile-Up Accident?

What Evidence is Needed to Determine Liability in a Freeway Pile Up Accident?

Having the proper evidence can help absolve or reduce a driver’s assigned percentage offault and sort out which drivers in the crash are most liable for the other parties’ losses. Lawyers, insurance companies, and jurors normally look to the following pieces of evidence to determine liability in pile-up crashes:

In most cases, reports from accident reconstruction experts may be necessary to learn exactly how the crash unfolded, assess the traffic patterns, and examine road conditions and designs, among others, to help determine liability for the pile-up crash.

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